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The Helpful Hands Founding Partner Program is no longer available. If you are interested in exploring options for your philanthropic giving and investing in the long-term sustainability for quality of life programs (for children and families in crisis), please consider joining the Helpful Hands Giving Society.


History of our Founding Partners Program

In order to meet the quality of life issues in our community and expand our efforts in the years ahead, your donations and support of our events is very important. Our efforts together are great, but to to keep planning for the future we needed more help to accomplish our mission. 


To answer this need and to help build funding for our programs when we were founded, we created the Helpful Hands Founding Partner Program. Our Founding Partners were philanthropic companies and individuals in our community who are champions of our cause and provided an annual commitment of support of $10,000 or more to help fund our programs. Our Founding Partners also sponsored our signature events – Annual Golf Tournament in the Spring and our gala in the Fall “Evening Under the Stars”.


100% of the funds donated by our Founding Partners were applied to increasing funding for our programs, which allowed us to expand our program goals every year. Our Founding Partners were actively involved with our Board of Directors, providing us advice and guidance, and attended our signature events.

Richard Haines
Founding Partner & Owner
RLH Construction, LLC

Richard’s career spans over 30 years of building commercial and multi-family projects, including development, design-build, renovation and new construction.  Highly respected in the building industry, Richard is known for his problem-solving abilities and for turning complicated issues into success stories.  Under his leadership, RLH Construction has grown to become one of the most successful entrepreneurial construction companies in the South East.

In Richard’s spare time he enjoys finding an adrenaline rush.  If it has a motor and goes fast, you can bet it’s on his bucket list.  Richard enjoys racing anything from open wheel race cars, to motorcycles and dune buggies.  Richard also enjoys traveling and spending time with his three children Ryan, Heather, Mallory and his (3) grandchildren.

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John Anderson
Founding Partner & Owner
TIGERBRAIN Engineering, Inc.

Dr. John R. Anderson is the founder and president of Tigerbrain Engineering, Inc.  Located in Oviedo, Tigerbrain is a 16 year old Civil Engineering firm specializing in U.S. military airfields in challenging regions throughout the world, including

Afghanistan, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia.

With over 30 years of experience, John

is considered one of the nation’s leading

authorities in pavement design. He is proud to support Helpful Hands and their mission of enhancing the quality of life for children and families in our community. John is the proud father of two sons in college and he maintains a very active lifestyle from boating, skiing in Denver, scuba diving and biking.

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“I’m a HUGE fan of Helpful Hands. This is the only organization that I have supported that has kept true to their word from day one on what the vision is and where the donations stay. I appreciate that and the fact that they are helping those in need in MY community.”


- Richard Haines, Founding Partner & Owner RLH Construction, LLC

Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out.” – John Wooden,  college basketball coach

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